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Feed Back About The Outties

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Feed Back About The Outties

Post by Notoisadzn on Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:55 pm

What is up you pure spooki's of Vetroscape!

today i am posting to get some feedback on you guys about the outties and what we can do it help you on vetroscape aswell as give you some insight of what we do in 'the outties'

heres what we provide when you join!
*a outfit that suites what your wearing currently!
*a meat tenderiser
*a skill cape of your choice provided by a leader

what do we look for when someones wants to join: the main thing we look for is how loyal the person is to the server, what can you do to benefit the people around you... thats why we ask whats your bank, so if you would like in future preference we can host a game for you as the community as vetroscape and donate 10% of each members bank to host the game for you guys Smile

"The Most ~ loyal ~ honest ~ helpful ~ kind ~ swaggy people in game

you may ask your self how do i join this clan... we do not use a fc nor a cc/ when u join your required to stay in the help chat to help your fellow adventurers

just remember guys to join you do need to follow the requirements rules and you must apply which you can find under the recruitment section, really hope your having a great day and ill see yall in game - noto


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