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Just joined? Maybe this will help.

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Just joined? Maybe this will help.

Post by Isaiah G on Thu May 28, 2015 3:46 pm

I see no one has made a guide yet for the new players. So I figured I'll give you all a hand.

1. Log in make sure you're account is secure (don't tell your password to anyone) I would write your password on a sheet of paper and put it somewhere you know can be found.

2. So great you're in the game, open your starter box. you'll find a couple of nice items to use, make sure you do ;;gear and click melee so you can get your other items needed to get all them bonuses. Make sure you set up your spell books, and prayers. By doing ;;curseson,and ;;lunars will give you access to both curses and lunar spellbook. If you like the regular spell book and regular prayers by all means keep them normal.

3. Revs would be a good place to start getting you that base gear. (BE AWARE THIS IS IN DEEP WILDERNESS). I would prefer keeping the gear to use for yourself, or you can sell it to the shop your choice. i would just use simple dh and a whip. Don't risk what you don't want to lose. Pray magic, Revs will hit hard if you don't.

killing penguins for damage tokens.(located at home being the shops) [penguins will not do damage, and I suggest getting dragon darts] There is many drygore weapons you can choose what you want.  also if you take this approach it will help in the long run because you'll always have it or you can choose to sell it for 2b.

You should find the "Battlemaster" he's close to the penguin tent not to hard to find. You can speak with him and he will take you to zombies.(Zombies will not hit you hard if they hit at all). They will drop you shillings, and with these shillings the "Battlemaster" has a shop and I suggest getting [assassins] It's very good pvm gear. There is also a high demand for it because there isn't a lot of it in game.
Now both of these will take you some time, so don't give up because it will eventually pay off. Goodluck Smile
Isaiah G
Isaiah G

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Re: Just joined? Maybe this will help.

Post by D0gzz on Sat May 30, 2015 3:45 am

I made a video on my channel D0gzz RSPS

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